Private and General Proxy Servers
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  • Our proxy servers may not be used for illegal activities prohibited by the laws of countries in the world.
  • Prohibited the publication of illegal content in the Internet, hacking attempts to sites, DDoS attacks on our proxies or other sites, sending spam.
  • Spam is prohibited (Ports 25, 587 and 465 are closed)
  • It is forbidden to use our proxy IPs in open proxy servers or public distribution in the internet.
  • It is forbidden to check our proxies in checker.
  • Each proxy allows connection only max from 2 different locations.

Failure to comply with these requirements, may result in blocking your proxy without compensation!


Refund or compensation (compensation in the form of adding days to the service) is only possible in case of non-working proxy or prolonged failure of the service.


There are limitations on some services such as google which can ban our IP addresses. These limitations are applied upon all users and if some unique users exceed the limits, the specified service is  blocked within a day and becomes usable the next day.

Limitations are applied on each IP address per each user.
Request limits per day per proxy-user line (each proxy provides for each user allowed limits) are the following:
1. Google – 500 per-user-proxy / day
2. – 2000 per-user-proxy / day
3. All social sites – 2000 per-user-proxy / day
4. Search Engines – 2000 per-user-proxy / day

These restrictions exist to allow everyone to work and to not allow one user send millions of requests and block other users work.